My husband and I embarked on our breeding venture long before we even realized it was happening.

My sister and brother in law had been breeding Labrador retrievers for many years, and we always enjoyed being around all the puppies anytime they had a new litter. It wasn’t long before we brought one of those puppies home with us. Next litter…we brought another one home. We were hooked!

We bred some outstanding labs for several years before we decided to look into what we call the “doodle phenomenon” that we had been hearing so much about. After doing some research, we decided to explore the possibility of crossing one of our labs to a standard poodle.

We purchased a pair of 8-week-old half sibling standard poodle puppies as our foundation stock. Two years later, we whelped our first litter of F1 Labradoodles. We grew our program to produce F1B Labradoodles. Through careful selection and health testing, we are now able to provide families with healthy, intelligent, and amazingly beautiful multigen labradoodles.

You and your family have a choice when choosing a reputable breeder, and we would consider it an honor and a privilege to make you a part of our “doodle family”. -Paula and Bill Jackson

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